Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Spy!

Some new products in the store! LOL!!
But I will only share a little since you have to come to the store and see them in real life (IRL)!! Can you guess what's in the house?

Just love these PUFFY Thickers from American Craft. I've used the alphabet ones when they first came out and you'll end up using them over and over again. Now they came out with more fun fonts and shapes! I want them all! LOL!!

The papers are ready to brighten up your these fun colors and my favorite is the owls, trees, rain boots...oh, wait, the cityscape...ah! I can't decide! LOL!! What is your favorite...there's more but you'll have to come in and take a look ;0)

Speaking of Spring, I also took a picture of the Quickutz (QK) recent releases and they will go so well with the American Craft items. Don't believe me? Take a look for can you not resist these?!

Also, QK came out with adhesive-back paper and they're not your ordinary paper! We're talking about cork, magnet, vellum and metal mediums. So easy to make some funky accents for your pages and cards. Notice the store has the "All-In-One" binder storage too!

On the ice cream side, we have some great new flavors! HINT: Girl Scout Cookies!!

OMGoodness! I tasted them all and they are the same as those cookies! So if you haven't had enough to fill your GS addiction, come to the parlor and have a scoop or two or three....heehee!!! What flavors are we talking about....chocolate, mint, caramel, pomegranate!! OK...I'm not saying anymore! You will have to taste them yourselves! LOL!!

Hope to see you all at the store!