Monday, March 30, 2009

Customer Loyalty Card Program = YUMMY!!!

OK...this is for the ice cream side :0)

I wanted to introduce to you all the "CUSTOMER LOYALTY CARD" program!!!!
It's a FREE program that will have you some money in the long run (we try and do what we can for the economy!). So when you come into the store, please sign up. Then we will email you coupons, earn some FREE ice cream or FREE coffee creations plus there will be monthly specials to keep that sweet tooth happy ;0)

Please inquire more details with the's definitely a SWEET DEAL!

Personal note: this post will be my last post...I'm handing the reins over to the nice folks at the store so that they can give you more update info :0) It's been my pleasure to do these write-ups - goofy & all! Heehee!!! See you at Becky's Crop - mark your calendars! xoxo