Sunday, November 1, 2009


A Message from Dom:

It was a hard decision for me to sell Frozen Memories but felt it was the right thing for my family. Due to some unusual circumstances, I find myself back as owner of Frozen Memories. Petersen’s Ice Cream will not be purchasing the store. This has come as a complete surprise to me. With that, we have lost the lease of the store. I will be liquidating the merchandise starting today and it will go through the 10th of November.

Wonderful friends were made over the time Becky and I have run the store. I appreciate all the help and love you have shown my family with the passing of Becky.

Your support of the store will never be forgotten.
Thanks to all you.

We will start our liquidation sale starting today November 1st. Please be advised that the credit card/debit machine is no longer working for us. So please be prepared to pay in cash or a check.

The sale schedule for the scrapbook side is as follows:
Nov. 1-2 30% off Everything in the Store
Nov. 3-6 50% off Everything in the Store
Nov. 7-8 75% off Everything in the Store
Nov. 9-11 80% off Everything in the Store

We hope to see you all before we plan to close the store on November 11th. We would love to have a chance to thank you for all your support through the years.

Dom and the Frozen Memories Family